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Hybrid Toyota Highlander News and Price in US

Hybrid Toyota Highlander News and Price in US

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – a hybrid modification of the SUV class “K2”. The world premiere of the second-generation model took place at the Chicago Auto Show in April 2007. In August 2010 in Moscow, the Japanese company introduced a restyling version of the SUV.

The creators of the Hybrid had to solve a lot of tasks to meet the requirements of the brand’s fans, who are interested not only in attractive design, comfort and patency of an SUV, but also its relative environmental friendliness. And, I must say, the designers and engineers worked perfectly, building a car that matches the spirit of the times.

From a technical point of view, the car strongly resembles other popular models of the Japanese brand. It is based on a platform with mounted on stretchers McPherson racks in a circle. In front, the lower lever is cast, while the rear support is supported by two separate transverse “bones” and a longitudinal lever. But instead of the hydraulic booster, engineers installed an electric booster on the SUV, working in tandem with the stabilization system. In emergency situations, the resistance on the steering wheel changes, so that the driver is better able to understand how to act during the demolition or skidding.

In addition, the basic equipment of the automobile includes a full range of security systems, including ABS, dynamic stabilization system, and much more. Also, in standard equipment there is a multimedia complex with a touch screen, navigation and audio system.

The main difference between Toyota and other modifications is the power plant. It is based on a 3.5-liter petrol V6, coupled with two electric motors and other known attributes of a dual-car. The total power of the power plant is 280 liters. from. . The engine features two camshafts and an electronic system for changing the timing of the gas distribution at the inlet and outlet. The hybrid plant is paired with a stepless transmission.

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