My pet

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________Е.С. Нугуманов

Open lesson

" My pet "
Form 1 "a"

Teacher: Zhoshieva S.K

Aktobe 2016

Open lesson

Zhoshieva S.K

Aktobe, 2017y

Open lesson
Date: 16.02.16.
Grade: 1 «b»
The theme of the lesson: My pet.
The length of the lesson: 45 min.
Type of the lesson: open lesson
Visual aids: pictures, posters, flashcards, CD.
1. Educational: to get pupils information about domestic animals and widen their vocabulary through playing games.
2. Developing: to develop pupil’s hearing, speaking, writing, reading skills.
3. Up – brining: to bring up the feeling of love to the animals and to teach pupils to be attentive to each other.
The Procedure of the lesson:

1. Organization moment.
Greeting. Song «Good morning!»
A short talk with pupil on duty.
2. Phonetic drill
- Well done, boys and girls. Thank you, sit down, please. I have got some questions for you. - What kind of animals do you know?
P1,2,3 a cat, a dog, goat,…
- Yes, right you are. And today we are going to speak about domestic animals.
[k] – cat, cow
[d]- dog, duck
[h] – hamster, horse
3. Presentation
- Is it a dog? – No, it’s a cat. ( to show them pictures of animals).
- Is it a cat? – Yes, it’s a cat.
- Is it a duck? – No, it’s a hamster.
- Is it a parrot? – Yes, it is.
- Look! What is it?
- P1,2,3 – a teddy bear,
- Yes, right you are. I have a teddy bear. What is it?
- P3,4,5…a ball
- Yes, right you are. I have a ball.
- 4. Practicing.
- Ok, boys and girls, open your PB on p. 44, ex 2.
I have a cat. I have 2 hamsters. I have a dog. I have a parrot.
Track 36. Listen and say.
Physical training. «It’s a dog».
Work with the Workbook
- Well done, thank you, children. Sit down, please. Let’s do the next task. Please, open your WB on p. 30. Ex 1. We should write the numbers.
?! It’s a hamster. – 5.
It’s a dog. - ?
It’s a parrot. - ?
It’s a duck. - ?
It’s a cat. - ?
Ex. 2. P. 30. Say the numbers then colour.
5 – parrots
3 – frogs
7 – hamsters
4 – horses.
5.Let’s play a game.

- I want to divide you into 2 groups . A and B. ( Apples and Bananas).

- I’ll give you these 2 envelopes. This is for you ---Apples ( 3 words).
- This is for you—Bananas ( 3 words). You should make up 3 words from scattered letters. If you have right answers I’ll give you 3 points. You have got only 3 minutes. Let’s begin.
Apples Bananas
- Cat
- Duck
- hamster - cow
- dog
- parrot

- Marks. To give them points.
- Ok. Well done. Let’s write numbers with our heads.
- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
- TRACK -10. CD. Numbers.

- There are a lot of domestic animals. You should find out from this box.
c a t u r c o w
e t o d o g t u
h a m s t e r k
h o r s e d u c
Marks. To give them 1 point for 1 right answer.

7.Home task
To revise letters. A - G


To count their points. 5-? 4-?.
Today you were very active, thanks for everybody. The lesson is over.
Good – bye, children!
Good – bye, teacher!
Song « Good – bye!» Тәрбие.орг сайтынан My pet Авторлық бағдарлама материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

Авторы: Zhoshieva S.K

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