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The XXI century is a century of educated persons and it demands the increasing knowledge from us. Thus it becomes more and more difficult to study. For example, knowledge of English. No matter what profession a person has, it is desirable to know English, that is knowledge of English is required at present. Besides, in the message President Nursultan Nazarbayev reported to the people of Kazakhstan that at reception of new workers on public service knowledge of English is obligatory, and in the future this requirement will have already become obligatory. It means, what profession the student would choose in the future, he surely has to know English. The lessons of English are not enough to know English well, additional courses are required. In such situations the advantage of optional course is great as optional courses are the most available to all school students. In turn, the optional course has some advantages: optional course allows pupils to be convinced of stability of their interests, to know the language deeper and to estimate their opportunities, that is optional courses expand and deepen knowledge and the abilities acquired by students at studying of a basic course. Besides, they allow to form and to develop students’ versatile interests, culture of thinking, ability to fill knowledge independently, to acquaint students with independent research work, to give the chance to get acquainted with some modern achievements of science. Optional courses promote disclosure of internal potential of pupils, creation of conditions for their self-realization and development. Optional courses allow to apply an individual approach to each pupil most successfully taking into account his abilities, to satisfy informative and vital interests of pupils more fully. Thus the form of the organization of optional courses is more free and assumes more creative activity of pupils. Besides programs of optional courses aren't rigid and allow some corrections.
In the program of an optional course on foreign languages it is told: "The optional course of a foreign language is an important component of the system of teaching this subject at comprehensive school and is closely connected with the basic course". Learning of foreign language by pupils during the lesson and optional course can provide them the opportunity to acquire the language better, to read and speak on it, and the teacher can reach educational, developing and teaching aims in teaching the subject.
The optional course is possible at high quality of teaching of a foreign language and its authority at school. In this case the group wishing to be engaged in language easily gathers and the administration is not usually against it. The group includes the pupils induced by different requirements for increasing knowledge of language, in improvement and abilities to use it.
Such pupils with high motivation can reach much in learning of language and defines high requirements to the content, technique and the organization of optional courses. Such audience needs the bright interested teacher. Such teacher should constantly support his professional knowledge "on a maximum" to keep and develop high motivation of pupils. As a result at optional course there is an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between the teacher and pupils which in a special way tones up the process of learning.
It is necessary to say that carrying out an optional course assumes the necessary equipment in working condition and existence of the didactic-methodical fund, allowing to create the atmosphere of language and to stimulate thinking and speaking activities on the basis of standards. The teacher interested in success usually has interesting records of poetic works, modern and popular songs, a set of filmstrips, slides and, of course, the books for reading, different in genre and graduated on difficulty. Certainly, modern equipment of an English classroom, and existence of materials for its use demands well-developed abilities to work with the hardware from the part of the teacher.
The optional course is not compulsory lesson of the school pupil in a subject; optional courses bring great benefit not only for pupils, but also for the teacher. They use literature and deepen their knowledge, increasing quality of class work. The optional course — the most widespread and effective form of education. At the heart of the organization of a course the principle of voluntariness lies. In each class there is some number of the pupils who are interested in English. It isn't difficult to bring together them on the first lesson. Usually for this purpose it is enough that the teacher told to pupils about what they will be engaged in, what it will benefit them that they thus learn new and interesting and that optional courses give the chance to them to expand and deepen scientific and applied knowledge, to develop abilities and to satisfy their personal interests.
Optional course — is a form of profound studying of one of subjects by the choice of pupils, means of development of cognitive interests of pupils, their abilities, and also vocational guidance of pupils.
Unlike out-of-class lessons, optional courses is carried out on program area, according to the schedule, within given time, with constant number of pupils. At modern schools optional courses are conducted from the 1st form, the subject of courses constantly increases.
In everyday life we often use such notions as "modern education", "modern school", meaning not simple designation of their temporary accessory, but the qualitative characteristic of formed system as the school answering to realities, requirements and hopes of today. Chosen classes, optional courses, and not just the chosen systems and training models, characterize modern school, including the junior stage. To the majority of parents, namely they choose school for the kid, it is important that, except the main subjects, optional courses are conducted at school.
Optional courses have organizational administrative advantages before out-of-class occupations. Optional courses will be organized and realized, as well as out-of-class occupations, according to interests and individual abilities of pupils, but carried out, as well as lessons, according to the schedule, having constant number of pupils.
Summing up, it is possible to tell that in teaching of a foreign language optional course takes an important place and it is carried out according to specifics of a subject. It solves two main problems: first, interest development, increasing knowledge, improvement of skills and abilities in this subject; secondly, the organization of free time of pupils for the purpose of their general development.
In work main objectives and tasks, optional courses, a technique of their carrying out, the requirement to them, and also modern methods and means in carrying out optional course are considered.
Concluding a term paper it is possible to tell that optional course of English are useful for the pupil at:
1. Development of informative skills in the field of learning of foreign languages;
2. Development of creative thinking, imagination, independence;
3. Development of personal activity;
4. Development of skills of a logical speaking;
5. Development of the ability to express their thoughts independently, to speak at normal speed;
6. Development of abilities to be guided in information space;
On optional courses the following problems are solved:
• formation of the standard of speech and culture of communication;
• formation of figurative idea of the world around;
• expansion of an outlook, attitude;
• education of culture of feelings, abilities to empathy;
• formation of valuable orientations;
• development of creative abilities, imagination, memory.

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