Famous travellers

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Тема урока Famous travellers. Урок проводился в 6 классе по плану.Урок состоит из нескольких этапов и имеет
School named after
K.Satpayev Short term planning /план урока Утверждаю Зам.дир по УВР:


TEACHER/ Akbissenova Saltanat Kurmanalievna
Grade 6 d,e Date: 27.01.2017
The topic of lesson Famous travellers Period Lesson №6
III term
Aim 1. Educational: To introduce the pupils with the new words, to teach to make sentences with them, to give some information about famous travellers.
2. Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar pronouns and lexical skills.
3. Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom and to develop friendship.
Results pupils will be able to talk about this topic, answer the questions, to use the Past Simple Tense, work creativity, develop their oral speech through conversation practice, compare their own work and share ideas.
Methods and Techniques Discussing, Presentation, working in groups and pairs, diagrams
New approaches, critical thinking, teaching gifted and talented children
Assessment 3 claps, 2 stars and wishing. Assessment in pairs .

Parts of the lesson Skills/навыки
Teacher’s action Pupil’s action Assessment Differ-tion Resources
Organization moment/

Psychological training


-Good afternoon, pupils!
-Good afternoon, teacher!
-Thank you, sit down, please!
-Who is on duty today?
-I am on duty today.
-Who is absent?
-All are present.
-What date is it today?
-Today is the ……...
-And what day is it today?
-Today is ……….
-Take your seat please.
My dear friends! We have an unusual lesson today. We have many guests in our classroom and I hope that we’ll have an interesting time. You ’ll answer the questions, read the text and do the tasks, listen to the text, you’ll dance. I’ll divide you into 3 groups by different stickers. OK, let’s begin our lesson. At first, look at the board.

You see different shapes. You must choose the shape that you like.
Now, look at the board.
You are leader, you are always active.
You like to work, study especially English .
You are strong and hardworking person. You are happy.
You are friendly person. You have a lot of friends. Greeting.

Pupils smile and wish each other good wishes.
Pupils sit down into groups according to the colorful stickers.

3 claps, 2 stars and wishing. Assessment in pairs .

3 claps, 2 stars and wishing.

3 claps, 2 stars and wishing. Assessment in pairs . (по критериям)

3 claps, 2 stars and wishing. Assessment in pairs . (по критериям)

Pair work

Personal work

Personal work

Working in a group

Markers, textbook,
cards, notebook
flip charts

Warm-up Come, my children, come to play For the sun shines bright today; Bring the ball, bring the ball, Come with happy faces all. Get your balls and come away, For it’s a fine, winter day.

Can you name the odd word?
1. Rome Italy London Madrid
2. New York Washington San Francisco Paris
3. USA England Africa Japan
4. Manchester United Arsenal Barcelona London
5. Skiing football tennis basketball
6. Pele Michael Jordan Maradonna Arshavin
Checking the homework - Now, students, I’ll ask you already studied materials
Let’s check up your home task.
What was your homework?
To learn the new words by heart. Are you ready for it?
“Hot chair”

Pupil’s answers




Practice work

Cheerful minute Our topic is “Famous travellers”. I think everybody likes travelling. First of all answer my questions
-Which lesson help you to know a lot about the travellers?
-Do you like travelling?
-Do you travel a lot?
-Where did you go travelling?
-Who went abroad?
-What travellers do you know? Thanks a lot.
Now, look at the board.
-What do you know about these people?

Match the names of these famous travellers with the photos
1.Christopher Columbus
2.James Cook
3.Shokan Ualikhanov
4.Nikolay Przhewalsky

Open your copybooks and write down the date. Today is the 27th of January.
Open your vocabularies and write down these new words.
New vocabulary
Pacific Ocean [pə´sıfık´əuʃ(ə) n] Тихий океан
Australia [ɔ´streılıə] Австралия
New Zealand [, nju: ’zi: lənd] Новая Зеландия
Hawaii [ hə’waıi] Гаваи
Antarctic Circle [ænt’a: ktik ‘sɜ: kl] Антарктический полюс
Arctic [‘a: ktik] Арктика
Earth [ ɜ: Ɵ] Земля
Central Asia [ ‘sentr(ə) l ‘eiƷ(ʃ) ə] Центральная Азия
voyage [ ‘vɔııdƷ] путешествие
fauna [ ‘fɔ: nə] животный мир
flora [ ‘flɔ: rə] растения
discover [ diskʌvə] открывать

Listening to the short texts. Guessing the people
1st slide: He was born in England in 1728. He made three voyages to different places: the Pacific Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Antarctic, and Arctic. He discovered the Hawaiian Iilands.
2nd slide: He was born in Italy in 1451. He was a sailor and made many voyages. In 1492 he started a journey with three ships. It was long and difficult. He discovered America in 1492.
3rd slide: He was born in Russia in 1839. He travelled to unknown parts of Central Asia. His journeys opened a new era for the study of geography, fauna and flora od Central Asia.
1-James Cook
2-Christopher Columbus
3- Nikolay Przhewalsky

Reading about Shoqan Ualikhanov
1st group: Shoqan Ualikhanov was born in November in 1935. He was a Kazakh scientist, ethnographer and historian. Shoqan spend his childhood in his father’s traditional yurt. His father sent him to a small private school in 1842 when he was six. He moved to his grandmother’s home. Ualikhanov entered the military academy in Omsk in 1847.
2nd group: He read a lot of books in Russian. He travelled in Central Asia in the late 1850s. In 1856 he went to the region of Issyq Kul where he had his first successful expedition. In 1857 he went to Russia to report about the results of the expedition and there he became the member of the Russian Geographical Society. On June 28, 1858, Shokan Ualikhanov began his second expedition.
3rd group: He had a caravan of 43 men, 101 camels and 65 horses. The caravan arrived in Kashgar in early October of 1858. During his travels he collected a lot of materials about traditions and customs of the people in the places he visited. He returned to his native steppe region because he became seriously ill in the spring of 1861. He died on April 10, 1865 at the age of 29. His works are still popular.
Tasks for groups
1group – translate the part
2group-make questions
3group-read and write the numbers

Are you tired? Let’s have a rest. It is time to sing and do the gymnastic
Clap your hands, clap your hands
Listen to the music and clap your hands
Stamp your feet, stamp your feet
Listen to the music and stamp your feet
Go around, go around
Listen to the music and go around
Clap your hands, clap your hands
Listen to the music and clap your hands

Pupils answer the questions

Pupils read and write new words

Pupils learn new vocabulary

Pupils listen to the short texts and guess

Pupils read the text and do the tasks

Pupils sing a song.
“Magic Numbers”
What do these numbers refer to?
1835 1856 1842 1850 1861 1857 1865 1858
Example: 1835 – This is the year when Shokan Ualikhanov was born
1856- This is the year when he went to the region of Issyq Kul and had his first successful expedition.
1842- This is the year when his father sent him to a small private school.
1850- This is the year when he travelled in Central Asia
Home task Writing. Ex 14 page 40
a) Write a story about a famous traveller
b) Search the Internet

Assessment of the pupils Putting marks
Conclusion a)Reflection
Thank you for your work!
Now write down on the stickers what you have learned and what kind of difficulties have you experienced on the lesson. The lesson is over. Good bye, children. Pupils complete the stickers. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Famous travellers Оқушымен жұмыс материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

Авторы: Акбисенова Салтанат Курманалиевна

г.Атырау, п.Геолог СШ им.К.И.Сатпаева Учитель английского языка

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