A day of my life

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Жарияланған материалдың жеке номері: 18165

Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы, Мақтарал ауданы,
«Қызылқұм» ауыл әкімшілігі
«Сарыарқа» атындағы жалпы орта мектебі
коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесінің
ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Жолдасова Әлия Бесбайевна

A day of my life.
Objectives: educational: to be able to speak about the family, time, jobs, to check pupils’ knowledge on the theme.
Practical: to develop listening,writing and speaking abilities, to check the knowledge of the vocabulary.
Developing: to stimulate pupils to learning the foreign language.
Type of the lesson: non – traditional lesson, travel lesson.
Visual aids: cards, the wallpaper, pictures.
The procedure of the lesson.
I.Organization moment:
1) Greeting; the talk with the pupil on duty, with the class.
2) Beginning of the lesson.
T: Today we will revise previously studied material and speak about the week.. We have an unusual lesson – a competition lesson.
II. Warm – up.
T: I’ll give you some riddles and you’ll try to find the answers.
Listen carefully.
1) This is a house
With one window in it,
Showing films
Nearly every minute. (Television)
2) It is running
Night and day
But it never
Runs away. (o’clock)
III. Checking the home task.

IV. Presentation of the new material.
T: The theme of our lesson is “Omar’s day”. Today we have a demonstrative lesson and you will: a) show how you know new words, how you can use them;
b) speak about yourself.

1. Introduction of new words:
to do morning exercises -
таңертеңгі жаттығу жасау.

to have breakfast – таңгы ас ішу.
to have lunch – түскі ас ішу.
to have supper - кешкі ас ішу.
to go to bed –ұйқыға жату.
to do your homework – сабақ орындау.
to watch TV – теледидар көру.
to wash – жуыну.

2. Work with the text.
Omar’s day
My name is Omar and I’m nine. I come from Kazakhstan but I live in London now. I go to school. I get up at half seven in the morning and I have breakfast at eight o’clock. Shool starts at nine and we have seven lessons every day. We learn English, French, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer Studies and Home Economics. I like Maths and English but I don’t like History. Lunch is at the one o’clock. I have lunch at school. In the afternoon we have lessons or sport. Shool finished at a quarter to three. I go home. Before supper I read or play with my English friends. We have supper at seven o’clock and then I do my homework or watch TV. I go to bed at ten o’clock.

V. Phonetic drill:
1, 1, 1 – All girls run!
2, 2, 2 – Boys run too!
3, 3, 3 – Boys run to me!
4, 4, 4 – Girls touch the floor!
5, 5, 5 – Boys and girls fly!
Ex 19, right (х), or wrong (X).

1. Omar is ten years old.
2. He lives in Astana now.
3. He gets up at half past seven.
4. He has breakfast at half past eight.
5. He has lunch at one o’clock.

VII. Conclusion.
1. Complete the sentences.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Count from one to ten.
4. What time is it?


6. What’s this?

7. What’s your favourite subject?
VIII. Giving marks. Homework. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан A day of my life Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

Авторы: Жолдасова Әлия Бесбайевна

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