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Level: 9th grade
The theme of the lesson: A typical day at school.
The aim of the lesson: To talk about Britian schools in Kazakhstan.
To make up dialogue about”A typical day at school”,
To develop the interestin to the knowledge.To develop the logical thinking

The method of the lesson: Group work
Visual aids: Slides,electr.book

The procedure of the lesson
А) Greeting
cool Checking up the absentees.
II. Homework
Exercise 13
I. Checking up the knowledge of the pupils
Talking about the “School in USA.”, “Schools in Kazakhstan.”
V. To introduce the aim of the lesson.
VI.New theme
1. Text
My School Day
My school day begins early. I get up at 7 o’clock; wash my hands and face and dress. After that I do morning exercises. At 7.45 I have my breakfast. My mother cooks it.
At 8 o'clock I go to school. I often go to school with my friends. I am busy from 8 till 2 p. m. every day.
I come home at 2.30 p. m. After school I have dinner, then go shopping, watch TV. I like to help my mother about the house. Then I do my home work. In the evening I have my supper and then go for a walk with my friends.I go to bed at 10 p. m.
Мәтіндегі таныс емес сөздерді тақтаға жазу.
2. Listen to the text again. Draw a table of this kind in your notebook and complete it.

What do the schoolchildren do in the morning? What do the schoolchildren do in the afternoon?
Schools start at 8.40 a.m. Lessons continue at two o'clock

Exercise 5 Talk to your partner
Speak about typical school day in Kazakhstan
Example: A typical day at school starts at 8:40 a.m.

Exercise 6 Make a list of thing which are different from your school and compare your sentences with partners
They have a long break for lunch.
Exercise 11 Talk to your partner
-Do you wear uniform?
-What are the advantage and disadvantages of wearing a uniform at school?
Exercise 13. Read the textand translate it

In many secondary schools in Britain the wearing of a school uniform is compulsory. Some schools argue that there are many advantages to this system, but students can often see some disad¬vantages too.
The main advantage of school uniforms is that they give a com¬mon identity to the school. Another advantage is students look smart when they are all together. Finally, students whose parents can't afford nice clothes look the same as everyone else and so don't feel inferior.
But students find also some disadvantages of a school uniform.
When you have to wear the same clothes as everyone else you don't have a chance to develop your personal taste. But the main reason why most students don't like school uniforms is that some¬times they are of horrible colours and styles.
So, it is clear that there are arguments in favour of school uni¬forms as well as arguments against

Working over the new words
• What kind of ideas of wearing a school uniform from the text you can add to your list in exercise 11.
14. Choose sentences from the text that you agree or disagree with and write comments/thoughts about them. Draw a table of this kind in your notebook.

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Exercise 13
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