"Біз дүниені сүйеміз" ағылшын тілі 5 сынып

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Сабақтың тақырыбы Біз дүниенi сүйеміз
Сілтеме Тақырыптық күнтізбелік жоспар, сабақ жоспары, оқулықтан алынған материал (папка: ресурстар)
Тапсырмалар Сабақ барысы
Checking up the home task What was your home task? Do have any questions?
Who is ready? Is there any volunteers?
Read and Remember Look at the words and use dictionary and you may check their meaning
A Vocabulary quiz: Give your partner a vocabulary quiz. Follow the stages.
Stage 1 Think of ten words and write quiz questions like these:
The first letter is…/How do you spell…? /What is …in English?
Grammar Structure Present Continuous
Speaking Victor: What are you reading?
Dmitry: A book about the Sun.
Victor: Is it interesting?
Dmitry: Yes. Listen to this:
The Sun is about 5 billion years old.
The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. From space, the Earth is blue with areas of brown, green and white. Some astronomers think that the Moon was a planet.
The first planet from the Sun is Mercury. Mercury is very hot
The second planet is Venus.
Mars is the fourth planet.
Jupiter is the fifth planet and it's very large. It has blue, brown, white and red clouds.
The sixth planet is Saturn. The seventh is Uranus and the eighth is Neptune. They are large, gas and liquid planets like Jupiter.
The ninth planet is Pluto. Pluto is a small planet.
Feedback a) The Sun is 6 billion years old.
b) The earth is the third planet from the Sun.
c) From space the Earth is red.
d) The first planet from the Sun is Mercury.
e) Venus is the second planet.
f) Mars is the fourth planet, Jupiter is the fifth planet.
g) The sixth planet is Saturn, the seventh is Uranus and the eighth is Neptune.
h) The nineth planet is Pluto. It's a small planet.
Home work 6-жаттығу 166 бет Тәрбие.орг сайтынан "Біз дүниені сүйеміз" ағылшын тілі 5 сынып Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

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