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Жарияланған материалдың жеке номері: 19861

Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Form: 6 «а»
The theme of the lesson: Step 5 Buying clothes
The aims:
Educational aim:
Presentation the new words: make teach grammar item pronunciation[Ɵ] and [ ]
Developing aim:
Develop their memory, speaking, hearing, writing skills
Cultural aim:
To teach to wear beautiful clothes
The type of the lesson: New lesson
The form of the lesson: Traditional lesson
Methods of the lesson: Understanding
Visual aids: cards with new words

The outline of the lesson
I. Organization moment
• Greeting and checking up attendance
 Good afternoon, pupils!

 How are you?

 Sit down, please!
 Who is on duty today?

 Who is absent?

 What date is it today?
 The
 What day is it today?
 It is
II. Checking up homework
 What was the homework for today?

III. Phonetic drill exercises
IV. New lesson
So, today we shall speak about clothes. The theme of our lesson « Buying clothes ».
V. New words
Coat- [ kәut] – пальто Gloves – [ glʌvs] – қолғап
Shirt – [ ʃә:t] – жейде (ер) Trainers – [ trainәz] – крассовка
Dress – [ dres] – көйлек Hat – [ hӕt] – қалпақ
Tie – [ tai] – галстук Socks – [ sͻks] – шұлық
Trousers – [ trouzәz] – шалбар Stockings – [ stᴐkɪŋs] - шұлық (әйел)
Jeans – [ dᴣɪ:nz] – джинс Skirt – [ skә:t] – белдемше
Shoes – [ ʃu:z] – аяқ киім (туфли) Boots – [ bu:ts] – бәтеңке
Blouse –[ blauz] – блузка Shorts – [ ʃͻ:ts] – шолақ шалбар(шорты)
T-shirt – [ tɪ:ʃә:t] – футболка Jumper – [ dᴣʌmpә] – джемпер
Jacket – [ dᴣӕkɪt] – күрте Nightdress – [ naitdres] - пижама

Doing exercises
Ex:1 o.p.62
Look at the names of clothes and put them into the correct column. Check new words in your dictionary.
Coat shirt dress tie trousers jeans shoes blouse t-shirt jacket gloves trainers hat socks stockings skirt boots shorts jumper nightdress
Men Women Both
Tie Blouse
Nightdress Coat

Ex: 2 Talk to your partner. Answer the question
Do you like shopping?
Where do you buy clothes?
Who do you buy clothes with?
Do you like wearing fashionable or comfortable clothes?
How often do you buy clothes?

 Remember

Sometimes we use “one” not to
repeat nouns. Example: This book
is new but that one is old.

Ex: 3 p. 63
Read the thank you letter and guess missing clothes.

Dear Auntie!
Thank you for all presents. The brown a) ___________ is very nice. I’ll wear it to school when it’s cold. And the two b) __________ are fantastic. I’m playing football tomorrow, so I’ll wear the black one. And thank you for the c)_________ . I’m going to the party on Sunday. I’ll wear the one. It looks nice with my black trousers.
With best wishes, your nephew, Tom
a) Jumper/coat/jacket
b) T-shirts/trainers/shorts
c) Shirt

Ex:4 p.63
Make the dialogue. Put the lines in the correct order.
 That’s 5.50 7
 White 4
 What about this one? 5
 Yes, I’m looking for a T-shirt 2
 Here’s 6 pounds, please 8
 Can I help you? 1
 Here’s 50p change and your T-shirt 9
 OK, thanks very much. Goodbye 10
 What colour are you looking for? 3
 It’s nice. I’ll take it, please. How much is that? 6

 Pronunciation Practice
[ ] [Ɵ]

This Three
That Third
They Think
These Thank

Ex:7 p.64
Draw a table in your notebook. Put the words in the correct column.
Thick there than theatre their thing
Those thirsty anything thirty the
[ ] [Ɵ]
there thick
their than
those theatre
the thing

 Word building
Two nouns can go together. There are no rules about
spelling. The stress is usually on the first word.
Toothbrush birthday card ice-cream

Ex:8 p.64
Match the nouns to make new words.
1. Traffic a) list
2. Swimming b) apple
3. Concert c) lights
4. Tooth d) card
5. Shopping e) hall
6. Pine f) paper
7. Post g) brush
8. Writing h) pool

1. Trafficlights – светофор
2. Swimming pool – бассейн
3. Concert hall – консерт зал
4. Toothbrush – тіс щеткасы
5. Shopping list – сатып алатын лист
6. Pine apple – ананас
7. Postcard – ашықхат
8. Writing paper – жазатын қағаз
VI. Giving marks
VII. Giving homework
I’ll give you for homework ex: 10 o.p. 65. Complete the conversations with the sentences on the right.
VIII. The end of the lesson
- Have you got any question?
- The lesson is over! Bye-bye! Тәрбие.орг сайтынан BUYING CLOTHES Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес



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