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The plan for the open lesson in form 11 “G”

The theme of the lesson Cities of Canada.Toronto.
Date: 11.11.2016.

Aim: To explain the theme.To enrich pupils’ vocabulary.To give more information about the cities of Canada.
Result Will develop the interest for the subject
They can talking about the cities of Canada
They can answer to every question connecting with the theme.
reference Reading book in form 10, P.199-200
Resources: Reading book
Colour pens
Visual aids: Slides.

Method: Logical thinking
Attack to the brain
Marking each other 1.pair work
2.analytical work
The procedure of the lesson
I.Organization moment Greeting with the pupils,Checking up the absentees,the training “warm wishes”
ІІ. Checking up the homework Answer the questions and complete the table.
ІІІ. The introcuction of the new theme
Open the theme answering the questions:
-Would you please help me to find some information about cities of Canada?
-Could you please answer my questions?
Actions of the studens and the teacher
І. Org.moment.
Action of the teacher Action of the students
Actions of the students and the teacher:

Draw attention of students in attendance,inventory.
The training of ‘warm wish’
They wishes each other good wishes.
ІІ. Checking up the home work. To ask questions and Complete the table. They marking each other.

ІІІ. New theme.Open the thme answering the questions.
I want to ask your some information about Cities of Canada.
Would you please help me to find some information about the cities of Canada?

Жаңа сабақтың тақырыбын дәптерлеріне жаздыртады.
They answer the questions and write the theme on their copy-book.
Task. To give the tasks to the pairs.
Talk to your partner. Use the chosen polite question and the answer. Every pair anwers the questions
ІҮ. Physical moment
Ү. Work with the pairs Work in pairs and compare two cities.
Which cities would you like to visit and Why? Students do the exercise 5 in page 201.
ҮІ. Questions To make up questions connecting with the theme. Ask each other polite questions.
ҮІI. Grammar. Read the short conversations and complete them with a suitable adjectives. Complete the table.
ҮІII.Individual work. Exercise 7.
True or False Students individual do the tasks..
IX. Explore the theme Answer the questions connecting with the theme7 They answer the questions.
X. Homework To retell the text
XI. Reflection
XII. Marking students
Students mark each other.

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