Famaly time

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The theme: Family time.
The aims of the lesson: a) to enlarge pupil’s vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation;
b) to develop pupils’ skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking speech;
c) to develop the interest to English language, to teach pupils to respect each other and the culture of another nations to bring up them to love English language.
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson.
The kind of the lesson: demonstrative lesson.
V i s u a l a i d s : slides ,pictures
The type of the lesson:
Time divisions of the lesson
Organization moment Revision Presentation Practice Production Conclusions
5 5 5 15 10 5

T h e p r o c e d u r e o f t h e l e s s o n :
I . O r g a n i z a t i o n m o m e n t .
Greeting T : G o o d a f t e r n o o n , p u p i l s !
P : G o o d a f t e r n o o n , t e a c h e r !
b ) W a r m - u p i [ i : ] e e [ i : ] A l i t t l e , l i t t l e b e e i s s i t t i n g o n a t r e e
because she wants to see who is busy, who is free? c) Talking with the pupil on duty. - Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What is the date today? What day is it today? What is the weather like today?
II. Checking up the home task. Let’s check your hometask.
P: Our home task was…….
III. Presentation.


Look at the blackboard and repeat after me those letters and sounds and write these letters in your copy book.
New lesson. Presentation of the new lesson.
Let’s begin our new lesson. Our new theme: _____________________________
Present Continuous, Negative Form
Teacher: Exercise 1,page 20. Look at the pictures in ex.2 and answer.
1. Is Alibek with his frinds?
2. What are they doing?
IV. Physic exercises.
Now it’s time to have a rest stand up, please.
Hand up, hands down
Hand on hips, sit down
Bent left to the side
Bent left bent right.
1,2,3 hop 1,2,3 stop

Now read exercise 2,page 20. Put the verbs in Present Continuous.
Teacher: Exercise 3,page 21. Make negative sentences.
Teacher: O’k. Thank you! Did you like our lesson today?
Pupils: Yes
V. Giving the homework.
-Take your homework .
-Is your homework clear?
Have you any questions?
- Giving marks.
- Thank you very much fou your lesson. You’ve worked very good. Some pupils are so active and I’ll give them excellent marks. They are…
VII. Reflection.
Do you like today’s English lesson ?
Why do you like English ?
The lesson is over.
Good bye! Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Famaly time Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

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