Free time

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Сәдуова Ақбөпе Қайратқызы
Grade: 4
Theme: Free time
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: to consolidate lexical stock, to teach to express own opinions, to enrich pupils vocabulary, to teach Grammar, to revise the theme.
Developing: to develop the pupils’ habit of reading, writing and listening. To promote acquirement of new words and word combinations.
Bringing up: to bring up them to respect the opinions of their classmates about the things which they do at home and at school.
Type of the lesson: consolidation lesson.
Methods: warm up, question – answer, dialogue, individual, pair and group work.
The procedure of the lesson:
I.Organization moment.
a) greeting; b) talk with a duty.
II. Warm up. Match the sentences with pictures and answer the questions: What do Iza and Boris do in their free time? What does what?
1. I take my dog for a walk.
2. I play computer games. .
3. I collect badges.
4. I draw cartoons.
5. I listen to music.
6. I ride my bike.
7. I watch TV.
8. I read books
9. I go swimming.
10. I make model planes.
11. I write a diary.

III. Presentation of the new material.
a) play the CD for pupils to check their answers to Activity 1.
b) explain that we use PLAY with games, e.g. play computer games, play tennis, play basketball, but we use GO + sports activity ending in -ing, e. g. go ice – skating. Listening the tapescript. Pupils work in pairs, taking turns to point to the objects in the pictures and say the correct sentences. Play questions on the CD, pausing for the whole class to say the correct character’s name. Listen to the questions. Can you remember who does these things? Say the name. Who makes model planes? Boris makes model planes. Who writes a diary? (Iza) Iza writes a diary. Etc.
Who collects badges? (Boris)
Who takes a dog for a walk? (Iza)
Who reads books? (Boris) Who draws cartoons? (Iza) Who goes swimming? (Iza) Who rides a bike? (Boris) Who plays computer games? (Boris) Who goes ice – skating? (Boris) Who watches TV? (Iza)
IV. Pronunciation. Now pupils let’s practice the – (e)s sounds. /s/ makes collects writes takes skates /z/ listens draws goes reads rides plays /iz/ watches
V. Choose the correct words and make sentences. 1. Boris doesn’t go/goes horse riding. Boris doesn’t go horse riding. 2. I listen/listens to music. 3. My best friend collect/collects badges. 4. We play/plays football. 5. Izadoesn’t make/makes model planes. 6. She take/takes her dog for a walk. 7. We read/reads Harry Potter books. 8. I don’t like/likes swimming.
V. New words
Take |teɪk|- алу/ взять
Make |ˈmeɪk|- жасау/ изготовление
Go |ɡoʊ| - бару/ идти
Collect |kəˈlekt|- жинау/ собирать
Draw |drɔː|- сурет салу/ рисовать
Listen |ˈlɪs(ə)n| - тыңдау/ слушать
Write |rʌɪt| - жазу/ писать
Watch |wɒtʃ| - көру/ смотреть
Ride |raɪd| - тебу/ кататься
VI. Physical training. Song
How about you? What can you do?
Jump, I can jump. Jump, I can jump. Jump , I can jump.
Swim, I can swim. Swim, I can swim. Swim , I can swim.
Ride a bike, I can ride a bike. Ride a bike, I can ride a bike. Ride , ride a bike.
How about you? What can you do?
Read, I can Read. Read, I can Read. Read , I can read.
All right.
VII. Make a poster.
Children must make a poster. And write about theirs free time.

VIII. a) Write about a friend or someone in your family. Write three true and three false sentences. Don’t show your classmates! Use these verbs: makes writes takes reads skates listens collects draws goes rides plays watches
My sister My sister goes to the cinema. She reads magazines. She plays tennis. She writes a diary. She plays the guitar. She makes model castles. b) Work in a group. Read out all your sentences. Then read again for your classmates to say:
True or False
IX. Check your English. Complete with a suitable verb. 1. I don’t write diary. 1. I don’t ____________ a diary. 2. My best friend ____________ magazines. 3. We __________ swimming. 4. My best friend doesn’t ___________ to music. 5. My sister ___________ model houses. 6. They don’t ___________ their dog for a walk. 7. My brother ____________ his bike to school.
X. Evaluation. You were very active today. Thank you. … your marks are … . The lesson is over. Good bye. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Free time Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

Авторы: Сәдуова Ақбөпе Қайратқызы

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