Holiday activities

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Тақырыбы “Holiday activities”
Сыныбы 6a сынып
Мақсаты Оқушылардың оқу,сөйлеу,ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту
Міндеттері 1. to develop communicative activities
2. To teach the pupils to share their opinions
3. To develop communication skiils abilities using variours kinds of activities
Күтілетін нәтиже Жаңа сөздерді оқытуға байланысты оқушылардың сөздік қорын және сөз мәнерін байытуға, дамытуға көмектесу;Оқушылардың тақырып бойынша тыңдап,түсіну, жазу,сұраққа жауап беру.
Ресурстар Интерактивті тақта, слайдтар, e -book
Кіріспе - Good morning, dear students. I’m glad to see you. How are you? (Fine, thank you. And you?)
- I’m fine, thanks. Sit down, please.
- What day is it today? What’s the date? What is the weather like today? (It’s sunny, but cold.)
- Thank you. I hope you are in a good mood, and ready to work hard as usual. So let’s start our lesson. Today we’ll revise the material we’ve studied and summarize the knowledge on the topic “Summer Holidays” and the Past Simple Tense.

Тұсаукесер Phonics).
- First let’s prepare our tongues for the lesson. Look at the blackboard, please. Repeat after me.
[a:] [i] [ei] [з:] [/\]
- Now read the words and match them to the correct sound.
idea smart girl class stay hear month were great her
Keys: [a:] – smart, class
[i] – hear, idea
[ei] – stay, great
[з:] – girl, were, her
[/\] – month
Лекcика (Matching).
- And now, will you look at these words? Your task is to match the halves of these word combinations.
spend go take miss stay
lessons a lot of time abroad holidays at
the family pictures of the weekend
Keys: spend the weekend / holidays / a lot of time
go abroad
stay at
take pictures of
miss the family / lessons
Тіл дамыту (A picture story).
- Now, dear friends, have a look at this slide. Make up a picture story using the prompts. Use our active vocabulary. The first letters are given to you.
Keys: Last summer Vanessa went abroad. She stayed at the hotel. Vanessa took photos / pictures and swam a lot. She spent a lot of time on the beach. But she missed her family greatly. Anyway, she spent her summer holidays in a great way.
Негізгі бөлім Degree or disagree
Let’s speak about your holidays. I will give you a sentence and you should say me I agree with you or I disagree with you. Let’s remember, What does it mean? .
Look, please at the board.
I agree with you или I disagree with you.
- I spent my summer holidays in the country.
F.e: I agree with you. I spent my summer holidays in the country.
- I didn't go to the country in July.
I disagree with you. I went to the country in July.
- The weather was rainy last August.
: I disagree with you. The weather wasn't rainy last August.
- It was interesting to spend your summer holidays in the city.
: I agree with you. It was interesting to spend my summer holidays in the city.
- I visited my grandparents in June.
I disagree with you. I didn't visit my grandparents in June.
- Very nice! Thank you!
1. Make up adialogue.
- Well-done! Now… Have a look at the sheets of paper on your desks. Turn them over. Everyone has a phrase. The task is to go round the classroom and make a line of your sentences to complete the dialogue.
- Let’s see what you have.
- Hi! You look wonderful. Any good news?
- Oh, do I?... Last week I went back to Moscow.
- Really? Where did you spend your summer holidays? Where were you?
- Oh, I went abroad. I was in Spain.
- What was the weather like?
- It was hot and sunny.
- How long did you stay there?
- 10 days only.
- Did you go there alone or with your family?
- I was alone, but I missed my family a lot.
- Oh, I see… What did you do in Spain?
- I swam and took a lot of photos. I went to discos. Sorry, I must go…
- Bye, have a nice day.
- Now, find the questions and let’s answer them quickly.
- A good job! Can you guess the next task? It’s your turn to work in pairs and make up your own dialogue. You have 2 minutes. If you need, you may take notes. (make up a dialogue in pairs)
- Your time is up! Silence, please! Let’s listen to your dialogues. The rest of the class must be very attentive, I’m going to ask questions.
Where did she / he go? How long did she / he stay abroad? Did he / she stay in Moscow or go abroad? etc..
- Thank you for your dialogues. It’s time to watch a short part of your favourite cartoon about Peppa Pig.
What do you remember about Peppa? (She’s a funny pig. She has got a mother, a father and a little brother. …)
(просмотр мультфильма)
- Do you like the cartoon? Let’s discuss the cartoon. Read the sentences and say whether they are TRUE or FALSE. If they are false, find and correct the mistake.
1. Peppa’s family wanted to go to the seaside. T
2. The weather is sunny. F (snowy)
3. They saw a lot of green trees in the morning. F (snow)
4. It was spring. F (winter)
5. A real snowman came to Peppa’s house. F (It was Peppa’s daddy)
6. They stayed at home. F (They went to the seaside with their friends)
7. Daddy Pig took a swim. F (Peppa’s mummy)
8. The sea was really cold. T
9. The children had fun at the seaside. T
- And how did you spend your summer holidays? Be ready to discuss it at the next lesson.

Сергіту сәті Looby-loo
Қорытынды бөлім Мен білдім
Мен білемін
Мен білгім келеді таблица толтыру And now please, open your record books and write down your home task for the next lesson.
Формативті бағалау: топтық, өзара, жеке бағалау; смайлик жинау, мадақтау, сенім білдіру. 3 мин
Рефлексия You were very active. Your marks are …
Our lesson is over. Thank you for the work.
Good-bye, boys! Good-bye, girls!

Үй жұмысы Your hometask is: revise the words, SB ex.38 p.18 (fill in the table) – in writing, get ready to speak about you summer holidays (you may use the stories in your letters). Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Holiday activities Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

Авторы: Альжанова Жанна Аскеровна

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