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  • 23/Май/2017

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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

The Aims: to ask and talk about school subjects, to learn new words related to
the days of the week, to introduce pupils the using of the verb “have
got”; to develop pupils skills and habits in Speaking, Reading,
Writing and Thinking; to bring up pupils to be active, attentive and to
write correctly, to evoke pupils’ interest in learning English.
Type: mixed
Methods: question-answer, individual, pair, group work.
Equipment: the interactive board, slides, cards, papers with tasks, grammar tables.
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, Computer studies.
The Procedure of the lesson
I Org Moment a) Greeting
b) Report of the duty
Good afternoon, pupils.
How are you?
Sit down!
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
Pupils today we have some guests. Let’s greet them.
Say “Hello”.
Let’s begin our lesson with the wishes to each other in one word.
I wish you happiness (health, wealth etc.)
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Авторы: Жумагалиева Жибек Узакбаевна

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