On the map

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The theme: On the map
1. To introduce students with the new theme and to know more about countries, nationalities and sightseeings.
2. To develop pupil's thinking , reading, listening and speaking abilities.
3. To increase interest of knowing geography in English language and bring up their love to our country.
The type of the lesson: new theme
The kind of the lesson: mixed
Methods of the lesson: excursion, question and answer
Visual aids: active board, cards, map of the world, posters, ball, tape recorder.

The procedure of the lesson
I.Org. moment
2.Conversation with duty
II.Checking up the hometask
What was your hometask? Regular and irregular verbs.
1. I`ll give you a little ball. You should say from one irregular verb one by one.
2. Watching video about Regular and irregualr verbs. What verbs have you seen, notice them, then write to the poster.
III.1.Let`s divide you into two groups. Choose one country. According to the countries you should find your group and take your seats. Who will be your head/ captian ?
1st group – Europe 2nd group – Asia
2. Assessment
Excellent – euro
Good – dollar
Satisfactory – rupee
I`ll give you “Bank”. You should complete your bank with money.
3. Sing a song about Countries.
How do you think? What about today`s our new lesson?
Today we are going to know more about countries and nationalities on the map.
4. Brainstorming. Ask and answer the questions
1. Where do we live? Kazakhstan
2. Can you show me on the map? Yes, we can
3. Who is our president? Nazarbayev
4. What`s the capital of Kazakhstan? Astana
5. How many nationalities live in our country? About 130 nationalities

IV. Phonetic drill
Croatia /krəʊ`eɪʃə/
Czeck /tʃek/
Hungary /`hʌŋgərɪ/
Lithuania /`lɪθjʊ;eɪnɪə/
Ukraine /ju:`kreɪn/
V.New theme
Watch video about “Countries and Nationalities”.
VI. Practice
1. Matching
Countries Nationalities
Austria Austrian
Belarus Belarusian
Brazil Brazilian
Britian British
China Chinese
Croatia Croatian
The Czech Czech
Estonia Estonian
Hungary Hungarian
Italy Italian
Listen to the tape recorder and check your answers.
2. Writing. Working with book. Open your books at page 134. Ex 4. Put the nationalities in the correct columns.

Pupils should do it in written form. Write down to your copybook.
3. Reading the text and speaking. We'll read the text to get some new information about the world around us.
Continents and Countries of the WORLD

4. Now you have learnt some facts about the World. What do these numbers refer to?
4 6 27 81 324 7 -8 million 634 1886 2007
5. Your task is to make up 3 questions. 1st group should ask questions, 2 nd group should answer.
5. Group work. Where is it? Let`s travel to all over the world. I`ll give them some pictures of sightseeings and they should label them to the map.
New York Rio de janeiro Taj Mahal
Big ben Bayterek Great Wall
Egypt Sky tree Eiffel Tower

6. Group work. I`ll give for every group 6 sentences. 1st group should read one sentence and 2nd group should find what nationality is he/she.
VII. Production
1. I`ll give them a map, and they should find countries.
Group work.
1st group 2nd group
Tour of Europe Tour of Asia

2. Let’s work with flags. Now you’ll speak something about yourself and your country. The plan of your answer is on the blackboard.
Russia China
France Japan
1. Name.
2. Country.
3. Nationality.
4. Capital.
5. Flag.
3. Let`s play a game.
Its a hot continent. RIAFCA(Africa)
Its the biggest ocean. CIFICAP(Pacific)
Its a country in the North America. ADANAC(Canada)
Its the largest country in Asia. AISSUR(Russia)
Its a city in the UK .NODNOL(London)
4. Captian count your points. How much money have you got?
Which group have a lot of money I`ll give them 20000 tenge.

VIII. Conclusion
1. Evaluation
I`m pleased with your answers. Thank you very much. You were very active today. I`ll give marks.
2. Reflection
I`ll give them countries` flags. Students should write their impressions and opinions about lesson. What have you learned from today`s lesson? And label them to the map.
China USA Russia France
India Korea
3. Home task. Find some interesting facts about countries.
The lesson is over. Good – bye! Тәрбие.орг сайтынан On the map Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

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