Our favourite recipes

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Time: 7.10 Subject : English Class: 7
The theme: Our favourite recipes
The aim: Learning new words connected with food , recipes . Reading the fairy tale “Stone soup” and discuss in groups. Practise to write favourite recipes.
Reference: Book , cards , illustrations
Main resource : Pupils
Methods: Explanation , using , practicing
Results: Ability to talk about food and tell the recipes

The stages of the lesson: Teacher’s deed Student’s deed
The organization moment Greeting with students . Checking for the presence. Greeting
Checking homework
To interest

New words:
spread –жағу
take - алу
piece - бөлік
peanut - жаңғақ
cut up – кесу ,турау
slice - тілім
pour –құю , бүрку
mix - араластыру
boil - қайнату
fry - қуыру I Knowledge
Today’s our lesson is about recipes. Let’s read the dialogue at p 78.
What’ s Bill’s snack?

How does he make it?

Copying out new words.
P1 : It’s a sandwich with peanut butter , honey and banana.
P2 : He takes two pieces of bread…
To determine the meaning II Understanding
Today we’ll read a story “ Stone soup ” by name at p 80.

Checking comprehension:
A game “Domino”: Let’s match questions with the answers.
Who came to woman’s house? She brought a big saucepan .
What did she bring first? A hungry soldier

T: Good job! Reading and understanding.

Playing a game .

P 3 : Who came to woman’s house?
P4: A hungry soldier

III Using
Doing exercises
4 and 6 at p 79 – 80
Name Ingredients How to make
Pizza dough
cheese Take a dough and spread a sauce on it.Then put the other things on it already cut up….
Doing exercises

Filling in diagrams.

IV Discussing

Let’s describe two characters of our fairy tale:

jealous mean

silly stupid
Doing an association:

kind clever

hard – working

V Summarize

Knew Learnt Want to know
Snacks New recipes What was the soldier’s name?
Recipes How to tell them in English
Stone Soup in Kazakh

Filling in diagram and conclude their comprehension.
VI Homework : Retelling the story “Stone soup”
VII Marking T: Excellent , Good , Sat
VIII Conclision Good – bye , children. Good –bye , teacher. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Our favourite recipes Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес


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