Our language is our identity

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Secondary school Erkinkala

Theme of the lesson: “Our languages is our identity”

6 “b” form

Teacher of English: Darkhanova Aidana

Atyrau, 2016-2017

The form: 6th ‘b’ form
Intellectual Show: “Our language is our identity”
The aims: Enrich pupils` knowledge about Kazakhstan, activate lexis on theme, talking about our Republic achievements.
Develop skills of communication in three languages Kazakh, Russian, English
Develop motivation to further mastering of English, continue to acquaint with traditions and customs of Kazakh people, bring up pupils to be patriots of their motherland.
Decoratiоn of the hall: «“Welcome, to our English Week!,” “ Let’s learn English!”, ” Let’ speak English once week”, “ English language –is a World Language”, “ Do you speak English?’’
Procedure of the lesson:
-Hello dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our intellectual show! «Kazakhstan must be the high educational country where people can use three languages. They are: Kazakh – the state language, Russian– the language of communication between nationalities and English– the language of successful integration into global economic». N.A.Nazarbaev
Today we have an unusual lesson. We shall have a competition. Three teams will take part in our competition. At the lesson you will answer the questions, play acts, sing songs. I hope the lesson will be interesting for you and you will enjoy it. Let me introduce our teams and our
jury. There are three teams here today. They are students of 6th ‘b’form. .
- well, begin our game and let` s meet our participants
The first team is called “Friendship” “The more we are together, the happier we are”.
The second team is called “Smile” “The world will be ours with English”.
The third team is called “happiness” "Everybody is happy exactly so, as far as he is able to be happy"
Children you must introduce yourself and you choice the captain of team. You are given only 2 minutes.
And I want to introduce you with the members of jury:

At every correct answer you will get 5 points.
Our competition consists of 5stages. They are:
І - Who is the quickest?
ІІ - «Poliglot»
ІІІ - «Our team is clever »
ІV - «Logic riddles»
V - «My opinion»
I. ! Now,our first stage is ‘Who is the quickest?’. At this stage you must answer my questions. At every correct answer you will get 5 points. I wish you good luck! Listen.
1. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
2. How many seasons are there in a year?
3. Who is my father’s father?
4. Who is my mother’s son?
5. When do the English celebrate Christmas?
6. What holiday do English people celebrate on the 14th of February?
7. Is “vegetable” food or animal?
8. Is “carrot” a vegetable or fruit?
9. Where do we do our homework?
10. What holiday is on the 22nd of March? – Nauryz
11.How many letters are there in Russian alphabet? (32)
12. Who is the President of the Kazakhstan? – N. A. Nazarbaev
13.The last letter of the English alphabet – Z

II. That is all. Let’s count the points and now let’s begin our second stage which called “Poliglot” On display you see some 12 boxes.I will give you some riddles and you will try to guess them. Then you must translate these words into Kazakh,Russian and English. In 3 languages – 15 point, in 2 languages – 10 point, in 1 language – 5 point
The first for team “Friendship” Listen.

1. Тақия толған сөк, таң атқанда жоқ.(жұлдыздар - звезды - stars)
2. Упадет - поскачет, ударишь - не плачет(доп - мяч - a ball)
3. it is white and deliсious.(қант - сахар - sugar)
4. It is an animal. It lives in the house/ it likes to eat cheese. It is grey. What is it? (It’s a mouse)
Then for team is “Smile”
1. аласа ғана бойы бар, тоғыз қабат тоны бар.(пияз - лук - an onion)
2. везет, а не лошадь, летит, а не птица, жужжит, а не пчела.(ұшақ - самолет - a plane)
3. Outside solid green
Inside red and sweet (water-melon)
4. It is an animal. It lives in the forest. It likes to catch and hares. It is orange. What is it? (It’s a fox)
Then for team is “Happiness”
1. Айдалада ақ отау, аузы мұрны жоқ отау.(жұмыртқа - яйцо - an egg)
2. не куст, а с листочками, не рубашка, а сшита, не человек а рассказывает.(кітап - книга - a book)
3. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. (fire)
4. It is an animal. It lives at home. It likes to drink milk very much. It is little. It catches mice. What is it? (It’s a cat)

Our 2nd round is over.Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the 2nd round?
English is a world language. It’s the language of progressive science and technology, trade and Cultural relations, commerce and business. English is spoken by more than 350 million people. Geographically, it’s the most widespread language on earth.
III.Let’s start our 3rd round “our team is clever”. On this stage given a player words on three language. They must explain to the members of group, words in corresponding language and with mimicries.
IV.Let’s count the points. So, we continue our competition, next round is «Logic riddles» in Kazakh language. Let’s start.
1.Екі бала шахматты екі сағат ойнады. Олардың әрқайсысы неше сағат ойлады?
2.Термометр аяз болғасын – үш градус көрсетіп тұр. Осындай екі термометр неше градус көрсетеді?
3. Үстел үстінде үш стакан шие тұр. Марат бір стакан шиені жеп қойды. Неше стакан қалды?
4. Қараңғы бөлмеде майшам мен керосин лампасы бар. Бірінші не жағасыз?
5. Айдынның Асқардан бойы ұзын, бірақ Жанаттан кіші. Кім ұзын?
6. Менің атым Медет Менің тәтемнің бір ғана інісі бар. Менің тәтемнің інісінің аты кім?
7. Бөлмедегі әр бұрышта бір мысықтан және оған қарама-қарсы үш мысықтан отырса, бөлмеде неше мысық бар?
8. Аңшы орманға келіп, бұтақта қонып тұрған торғайды атқан екен, бірақ қарға құлапты. Бұл қалай болғаны?( торғай қарға келіп құлайды, өйткені қыс мезгілі еді.)
9. Көл бетінде 6 үйрек жүзіп жүрді. Аңшы біреуін мылтықпен атып тастады. Көл бетінде неше үйрек қалды?
10. Бір жылда қанша айдың 28 күні бар?
Our 4th round is over. Dear member of the judge, we ask you to announce the result of the 2nd round?
V. “My opinion”It’s a last round.this turn was task on a house on every group. To explain the ideas with a picture. Good luck, participants.
At the same time, our competition is completed today. While members of the jury conducted the number of points, 6 "b" class performed "May the always be sunshine!"

Language is the mirror of society. Every person must know several languages. It will help you in your future. I wish you and your relatives of a happiness, friendship and smile. Thank you very much for your today’s participation. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Our language is our identity Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

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