Project work "Travelling"

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The date: 2.02.2016y
Theme: Project work “Travelling”
Grade: 6 «а,ә»
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: to teach pupils “camping” vocabulary and how to use it in speech
Developing: to develop the pupils` speaking, listening, writing habits;
to develop pupils` skills and habits in monologue (dialogue) speech through asking (answering) questions;
Bringing up: to teach pupils` to love nature and to protect the environment.
The form of the lesson: combined
The type of the lesson: consolidation lesson
The visual aids: a copy book, pictures, posters, interactive board
The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
Good afternoon, pupils! Sit down.
Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What is the date today? What day is it today? What is the weather like today?
Take out your books, pens and notebooks. Get ready for the lesson!
Today I’d like to speak to you about travelling. We are going to travel beautiful cities and you’ll get some more information about Astana and London. We’ll learn some words, we’ll answer the questions and do some exercises.
Warm-up: I think everybody likes travelling. So, during our lesson we’ll talk about travelling, means of transport, share and express opinions, and exchange
You are divided 2 groups: 1. Astana
2. London
II. Warm-up.
Let`s begin our lesson with a phonetic drill.
We`re going on a picnic
Leaving right away
We are going to stay all day
we`d like some ice cream
III. Checking homework
What was your homework? (to read exercise 3. true or false)
IV. Work with vocabulary
Find words: Crossword
V. Travel an English grammar
Ex:1 Make sentence
1. Colin is going to take a shower at 8 o’clock
2. Ann is going to play tennis at 4 o’clock
3. Jane is going to read a book at 10 o’clock
4. Jennifer is going to watch TV at 6 o’clock
VI. Work with group
Work with a poster
So, I’d like you to answer the questions:
-Why do people travel?
-What are the reasons for travelling?
P1: People travel to discover new places.
P2: People travel to learn a language.
P3: People travel to see the sights.
P4: People travel to enjoy beautiful places.
P5: People travel to make new friends.
P6: People travel to discover different ways of life.
P7: People travel to see other countries and continents.
- What are the most popular ways of travelling?
The most popular ways of travelling are: - by plane
-by bus
-by train
-by bike
-by ship
-by car
-by taxi
-by motorbike
-by boat
-by tram
-on foot
I group: Astana
II group: London
First, we are going to travel Astana. We’ll see sights of Astana, beautiful places
and we learn some more information about Astana.
Answer the questions:
- What’s the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)
- What are the popular buildings in Astana? |monument of Baiterek,Duman,Circis|
- The head of the Kazakhstan? |Nursultan Nazarbaev|
- What is official language in our country? | kazakh|
- How many population has in our country? |17 mln|
Second, we are going to travel London. We’ll see sights of London, beautiful places and we learn some more information about London.
Answer the questions:
- What’s the capital of England? | London|
- Where is London situated? |on the river Thames|
- How many people live in London? |8,6 mln|
- What are the popular buildings in London? |Big Ben,The tower of London,|

VII. Conclusion.
Fill in the chart
Where are you going? How are you going? Why are going?
You Astana By train I want to see the Baiterek
My friend London By plane I want to see the Big Ben

VIII. Giving homework: Words to repeat
IX. Putting marks
The end of the lesson
We have done many kinds of work at our lesson. You were very active and clever at the lesson. I am very pleased with your English.
Good luck to you.
The lesson is over.
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