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Тақырыбы: Сөйлеу практикасы. Кішкене қате
1. Үстеулерді қайталау, оларды басқа сөз таптарынан айыра білуге дағдылау, уақытқа байланысты сөз тіркестерін сөйлеу барысында қолдануға үйрету
2. Сөйлеу, жылдам ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту
3. Тіл тазалығына тәрбиелеу, сабаққа қызығушылығын арттыру
Оқушылар осы сабақтан кейін: қателіктер туралы еркін сөйлейді, үстеулерді басқа сөз таптарынан таниды, еркін қолдана алады
Сабақ түрі: бекіту
Сабақ әдісі: СТО, топтық жұмыс
Сабақ көрнекіліктері: суреттер, интерактивті тақта
Сабақ барысы:
І. Organization moment
-Good day, guys! How are you?
-I’m ok, too, thanks.
Teacher divides the class by giving out the cards with the adverbs and adjective words in it. Which student takes out the adverb will be the first group and the ones who take the adjectives will be the second group.
ІІ. Checking up the home task
-What was your homework for today?
-To make up a short story on given four themes.
-So, let’s begin talking about your sagas.
III. Warm up
Teacher shows on the board two puzzles for each group.
1. Jill lives in England. She has three cats. Their names are Smoky, Sooty and Tiger. One cat is white, one is black and one is black and white. The white cat’s name is not Snooty. Tiger is not white and black or white. What color is each cat?
White Black and white Black
2. E – is exactly in the middle
R –is between e and b
D –is after the letter a
B –goes before the letter r
A -is between e and d
What word is it?
IV. Main part (Consolidation)
a) -Now, today we will read and work with the text ‘A small mistake’ at p 33 of your student’s book.
-I’ll give you 2 minutes to read the text. Did you understand it? What was the ‘small mistake’? what happened?
b) Using adverbs and adjectives helps to make a story come alive and makes it more enjoyable to read. Complete the story with an adjective or adverb from the list below.
Aggressive an hour later extremely family –run frequently immediately new reasonably quick well
-Have you understood it now?
c) –Let’s divide our next task. The first group is will make up a dialogue according the text. Then act it out.
-The second group will give their opinion to the text according the flyers I give you out.
• In my opinion,
• To my mind
• If you ask me,
• To my way of thinking,
• In my view,
• Know what I think?
• I'd say that
• What I think is
• For me,
• I tell you what I think,
Differing game: each group is given two cans with the different words in it. The task is to find adverbs for the first group and the adjectives for the second group and stick it on the paper one by one. The group that finishes first will be winners. Find as many words as you can.
V. Conclusion
The students are given a paper and markers to write on it.
-Now, make up a story with the pictures. It should be about a small mistake. Use adverbs and adjectives to make your story more colourful.
-Now present your works.
(the leader of each group will assess the members of their team)
VI. Homework: to write an essay about a small mistake in 120 words Тәрбие.орг сайтынан Үстеулер мен сын есімдерді ажырата білу Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақтар материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес

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