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Lesson plan “Travelling” 5th grade
• to provide pupils with practice in speaking comprehension;
• to encourage them to use new vocabulary;
• to develop pupils’ reading, listening and writing skills through various creative activities, project work;
• to form pupils’ ability of using their imagination while discussing different situations;
Visual aids: pictures, a blackboard, dictionaries, cards, posters.
Procedure of the lesson:
I. Org.moment.
- Good morning, children. I`m glad to see you. How are you today?
- Who is absent?
- What`s the date today?
- What`s the weather like today?
- Look at the pictures on the blackboard.
- What is the topic of our lesson?
- What are we going to speak about?
- Yes, that’s right. The topic of our lesson is “Travelling”.

Divide the class into 3 groups, name them, according to the countries.(Kazakhstan, Great Britain, China). The captain of teach group should evaluate the opposite group according to the activities.

II. Warming-up.
1. Give some associations to the word “Travelling ”

2. Read the statements and share your opinion.”Why do people travel?”
E.g.- Businessmen usually travel from curiosity.
- No, you`re wrong. They don`t travel from curiosity, they usually travel on business.
1. Teenagers usually travel with their parents.
2. Lonely people like to travel alone.
3. Tourists always travel on business.
4. An adventurer travels in search of adventures.
5. When young people travel they like to make new friends and to go sightseeing.
6. Travelling is useful, enjoyable and good for health.
7. Usually travelling is dangerous and expensive.
8. Sometimes travelling can be disappointing and tiring.
9. People like to travel because it gives us life experience and helps us explore the world.
10. Travelling broadens our mind.
III. Practice part.
1. Read the text and share your opinion about travelling.
Travelling has become an important part of our life. People travel not only on holidays but on business as well. Some people travel to other countries to get education. People travel for different reasons. Some people travel to relax, to have a rest after a trying working year. Some people travel in order to learn something new, they strive for new emotions and impressions. Undoubtedly, traveling is a pleasant and useful experience. It broadens people’s mind, allows looking at current problems from a different angle and finding a better way-out from some difficult situation.
People choose different ways of traveling. But planes, trains, buses and cars enjoy the popularity among people the most. Planes are popular among business people who try to save their time as they carry passengers quite fast. Buses are suitable for travelers who want to enjoy the views of the country or city. They may be uncomfortable if the trip is too lengthy. Trains are the most popular means of transport among travelers as it is cheap and gives a possibility to rest on a berth.
2. Find out the answers to the questions
1. Why do people travel?
2. What is travelling?
3. Name the ways of travelling?
3. Look at your cards and write down what is the best way to travel to these countries. And why do you think so?
• Great Britain.
• France.
• Germany.
• Italia.
• U.S.A.
• Australia.
• Egypt.
• India.
• China.
• Japan.
4. Find the synonyms for these words and match them.
1. luggage a. trip
2. return ticket b. baggage
3. journey c. a buffet car
4. cloakroom d. schedule
5. a dining car e. round-trip ticket
6. booking-office f. left-luggage office
7. timetable g. ticket office
8. fellow-passenger h. travelling companion
4. A plan of travelling. “If” chain game. Speak about your country using the 1 type of conditional sentence.
1 group: Kazakhstan
2 group: Great Britain
3 group: China

E.g. If I have money, I will buy a ticket to the airport.
If I buy a ticket to the airport, I will to Astana.

5. Six thinking hats. Express your opinion about travelling.
Белая шляпа: информация (information)
Черная шляпа: критика (criticism)
Желтая шляпа: логический позитив (positivness)
Зеленая шляпа: креативность (creation)
Красная шляпа: чувства и эмоции (feelings and emotions)
Синяя шляпа: управление процессом (control)
IV.The result of evaluation card

Evaluating card
Name of the group :
Very good Good Satisfactory
”Why do people travel?”
The best way to travel
“If” chain game
Six thinking hats

English Kazakh Russian
Visit different countries and places Түрлі елдер мен жерлерді аралау, көру Посещать разные страны и места
Discover traditions and customs of different countries Түрлі елдердің дәстүрлері мен салтымен танысу Находить, изучать традиции и обычаи разных стран
Broaden outlook Дүниетанымды ұлғайту Расширить кругозор
Get new experience Жаңа тәжірибе алу Получить новый опыт
Learn about the history and culture Тарихы мен мәдениетімен танысу Узнать историю и культуру
Admire the beautiful scenery Табиғат сұлулығын тамашалау, ландшафт Восхищаться красотой природы, пейзаж
Improve knowledge of the foreign country Шет ел туралы білімін кеңейту Улучшить знание об изучаемой стране
Meet different people and making friends. Түрлі достарды кездестіру Встретить разных людей и подружиться
On business Жұмыс бабымен По делам
In search of adventures Шытырмын оқиғаларды іздеу В поисках приключений
From curiosity Қызығушылықтан Из любопытства
To see the beauty of the world Дүниенің әдемілігін көру Увидеть красоту мира
Go shopping Дүкен аралау Ходить по магазинам
Go sightseeing Әдемі жерлерді көру Осмотр достопримечательностей
V.Conclusion. So, our lesson is going to the end.
- What did we do at our lesson today?
- What did you like the most?
- You worked well and your marks are...
VI.Hometask: Create a new country or a city, a new way of travelling, sightseeing, transport.
OK. Good bye!
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