What a wonderful World

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  • 14/Мар/2016

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Автор: Учитель английского языка Хакимова Д.М.
Тема: What a wonderful World
Класс : 9

формирование умения отстаивать свою жизненную позицию.
развитие умения планировать, контролировать и корректировать свои действия.
развитие умения поиска и отбора необходимой информации, ее структурирования, моделирования.
развитие умения работать в группе, правильно выражать свои мысли в речи,
уважать в общении и сотрудничестве партнера и самого себя.
Оборудование для урока: проектор, интерактивная доска, моноблок, видеофильм, раздаточный материал.
Ход урока:
1. Introduction (Объявление темы урока, определение видов деятельности: формируют учащиеся. Мотивация учебной деятельности).
T: Good afternoon, students! I am glad to see you. Today we have unusual lesson – the lesson of traveling. You are Travelers, I am your guide. We've got 2 creative groups of travelers. We are here to discuss … What do you think we are going to discuss?
St 1: I suppose we are going to discuss different English-speaking countries.
St 2: ...their landscapes and climate.
St 3: ...the influence of geography on national characteristics on people.
St 4: ...personality traits.
T: Yes, everyone of you is right. So what is the theme of the lesson?
St 5: I guess «How different the world is»
T: Not exactly. Let me suggest you a song. (звучит песня «What a wonderful world» в исполнении Луи Армстронга)
T: Try and guess again, please.
St: In my opinion, the theme is «What a wonderful world».
T: You are absolutely right. Can you predict the types of activities we`1l do at the lesson?
St 1: I feel we are going to read something interesting.
St 2: I think we will listen to some information.
St 3: To my mind, we will write several exercises.
St 4: I am sure we'll discuss some problems.
T: OK, all kinds of activities will be done : reading, listening, speaking and writing.
2. Brain storming
T : Do you like travelling? And you? And what about you?
As for me, if only I could, I’d travel all the year round.
Why do people travel?
St : They want to relax, to see beautiful places.
T : Is it important to travel?
St 1 : Yes, visiting foreign countries people learn different culture and different lifestyle and quite different philosophy of life.
St 2 : People compare them and it developes human personality.
T: I awfully agree with you. The geographical position of a country can explain a lot of things.
3. Listening (watching a film)
T : It is time to begin our journey. The first country is the UK. Let's watch «Windows on Britain. An introduction». Then discuss in your groups the most popular tourist attractions of the UK. (просмотр фильма 6 мин.)
St 1 : The Head of the State is the Queen. You can see her picture on banknotes, stamps and coins.
St 2: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is famous for its old castles.
St 3: Stratford – upon - Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare.
St 4 : Liverpool is the home of Beatles.
St 5 :Cambridge & Oxford are both famous for their universities & bikes.
St 6 : Britain has 10 national parks that take 9% of the land.
T : Perfect! You have named all popular places of interest in the UK. We can't stay there anymore. And now it is time to leave one of the most splendid countries in the world and fly to the USA.
4. Writing
T : Imagine that you are in a plane. Is it comfortable for you? Fasten your seatbelts, please. Relax, you may close your eyes and think about something pleasant. Look here we have forgotten about the documents. Before arriving in the USA we should prepare some papers for customs control. (ученики заполняют бланки декларации).
5. Speaking (group work)
T : There is a long way to the USA. While you are in the plane you have a chance to learn more about America. Every group of tourists will get a card. Look at the card and ask tourists of the opposite group polite questions to find out the missing information on your card. Answer their questions. Тәрбие.орг сайтынан What a wonderful World Қосымша сабақ жоспары материалды тегін жүктеп сабақ барысында қолдануға рұқсат етіледі. Жарияланған материалға tarbie.org сайтының әкімшілігі жауапты емес


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