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Sedan Release Data in USA Toyota Sai

Sedan Release Data in USA Toyota Sai
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  •    October 28, 2017
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About the model Toyota Sai before the official presentation was not aware of virtually nothing. The theme of updating 2019 model year was the recycling of exterior and interior elements to improve the uniqueness of the car. The new look is aimed at a young audience. Due to changes in the form of head and rear lights, the car has become more modern. The renewal of the appearance includes: a new bumper, a hood, wheel disks, a boot lid, and wheel arches.

The car’s ground clearance was lowered by 10 mm, which had a positive effect on the aerodynamic properties of the sedan. In addition, it improved the energy recovery indicators and increased the efficiency of its use during the movement. Sai is equipped with a 2.5-liter engine, the maximum power of which is 150 hp, the internal combustion engine is paired with an electric motor with a power of 143 hp. As a result of all modernization, the new car consumes 4.4 liters per hundred kilometers in a mixed style.

In the car there was a “sports” mode, allowing to achieve greater dynamics at the expense of profitability. And also new noise-proof glazing, a more durable body and new suspension settings. The main update – body enamel hybrid sedan. It is able for several days to restore its original state after damage. The company Toyota for the first time uses this enamel in their cars. In the process of restyling for car was reduced by 1 cm ground clearance, retuned suspension and steering, as well as upgraded energy recovery system. In addition, as a result of restyling automobile was reduced fuel consumption to 4.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

A power plant was taken from the previous model – a 150-horsepower 2.5-liter engine and an electric motor with a power of 143 hp.

To date, hybrids – the leaders of the market and are not going to leave their positions.

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