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Supra Toyota USA Stort Car HD Pictures

Supra Toyota USA Stort Car HD Pictures

Not so long ago, the network had the first spy shots of the new Toyota Supra, which will go on sale next year. Experts note the similarity of the car with the sports model GT 86. The development of the vehicle was covered in mystery and few knew about the upcoming novelty.

The exterior design was known that the car will be released on the basis of the Z5 platform. This is noticeable from the appearance of the car. It can be seen how the rear spoiler and doors are specially designed. The exterior design is even sportier and made of high quality, durable materials. Interior salon will be more simplistic and at the same time stylish. It is evident how the body design will match the atmosphere inside the interior of this sports car.

The driver in the chair will feel much more comfortable, because it is more anatomical and made of calfskin of high quality. Also in the cabin will be a projection of the instrument panel on the windshield, for the convenience of controlling the road and the engine. In this car a new steering wheel is presented. It has the most convenient design of the sports car steering wheel. It has a lot of buttons for more convenient use.

More importantly, the developers have updated the car’s specifications. If you believe the rumors, the number of cylinders in the engine will be increased to V10. This will add more power to accelerate the car. At the same time, some confirmed the information from New York that the car will have a V-shaped V6 Turbo engine.

The model can be demonstrated at the international motor show early next year, with the debut at Detroit or at the Geneva auto show. According to the manufacturer, the model will approximately cost $ 50,000. The new car will be offered for sale in late 2017 or early 2018, which is more likely.

More detailed information we will receive after the presentation of the car.

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