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Toyota Mirai Specs and First Pictures

Toyota Mirai Specs and First Pictures

Toyota Mirai produces electricity from hydrogen. The results of the test drive show that Mirai is fast for its class, has enough space for four passengers and besides, it looks stylish. But, all in order.

If you do not take into account the hydrogen engine, the new car is a traditional four-door sedan. It seems that the manufacturers took into account the experience of promoting hybrid cars, so they made the model close to traditional concepts. Mirai has one major advantage – convenience and level of finish. All additional equipment is focused on maximum energy efficiency, and finish – to reduce weight for the sake of increasing mileage between charges. Mirai works on hydrogen, which is converted into electricity, and the only exhaust system is water vapor. The distance that Toyota can pass without refueling is about 500 km, which is the longest distance for any hydrogen or electric car at the moment. A small NiMH battery provides the energy needed for the machine to move.

The first thing you’ll find in the cabin is a futuristic instrument panel with LCD displays, two touch panels and sliders for different settings.  Furthermore, you can see a series of instruments above the center console. The steering wheel does not provide strong feedback. The rear seats have their own heating. The fixed armrest in the back seat makes the car for four adults. The salon is comfortable enough. The length of the car is 4890 mm, like most middle-class sedans.

But, despite all its advantages, the new car can not yet compete for simplicity of service, practicality and cost with traditional models. But according to the manufacturers, they will try to get as close as possible to this goal. The price of the car in America is $ 57,500. The plus is that customers will receive free hydrogen for three years.

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